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September 11, 2008
Robert De Niro Makes Magic

It’s been a long time coming. Oscar-winning legends Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are teaming up for the first time since they briefly shared the screen in Michael Mann’s Heat almost 14 years ago.

The Hollywood heavyweights play a pair of New York detectives on the trail of a serial killer in Righteous Kill. It should be a match made in casting heaven, and this time the often reclusive De Niro is doing the talking

Q: Was it your idea to get Pacino to be your co-star?

A: Jon Avnet, the director, and I were talking about casting the movie and I said 'What about Al,' and Jon just grabbed on to that. Some people seem to have forgotten that although we were both in Godfather II, we didn't have any scenes together. We did Heat, and even though we were only together for a few minutes on screen, it was great. I'm glad that we got a chance to work together again.

Q: What’s it like when the two of you step in front of the camera?

A: If you know each other as long as we've known each other — that you can draw on. And even if it’s subtle the comfort level is there so interesting things emerge.

Q: You're an acting legend yet you've always been reluctant to talk about the power you bring to your characters.

A: Some things are better left alone than talked about. I think you can talk something away. Maybe it is a good idea to keep a little bit of mystery about the process. Maybe that's what makes the magic. There are certain things you just don't want to make public, things you just want to keep inside and not let out.

Q: Do you still put as much of yourself into a performance as you did at the beginning of your career?

A: It's never easy. I think you discover over the years that there are certain things you don't waste your time with. When I was younger, I would think, 'Well, I have to spend more time doing this.' I would just be more obsessive about it. And actually that could be a tremendous drain on my energy. Now I guess I am more relaxed. I think what happens is, when you get older, more experienced, you can really focus on what's important. But I'm not sure that means I've lost my intensity. I hope not.

Q: You've directed a couple of your films. Would you like to do more?

A: I've always wanted to make my own choices. When I act with another director like Jon Avnet, I always support them 1000%. But sometimes, on a film when I'm be acting, I think, 'I wouldn't do it this way. I'd really like to do this another way.' So I guess I do want to have that control, which is why I want to direct again. But of course with that comes the responsibility.

Q: Do you watch your old films?

A: If you watch one years later, it's always more interesting because you're removed from it. That's what happens most of the time with me. I'll look at a movie 10 years later and say, 'Well, that wasn't so bad, you know?' But right after you've done something, it's very difficult to watch yourself. It's uncomfortable — you're so close to it — there's that element of personal vanity involved.

Q: What’s driving you to keep on making films?

A: I don't want to waste my time. The older you get, the more you realize you only have a certain amount of time left. A year goes by like that. If I count it all up, I've done a lot in terms of the experiences I've had. But on the other hand, time goes by quick and I want to make really good use of the time I have left.

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