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Bloody Mama (1970) [Lloyd Barker]: Dies (off-screen) of a heroin overdose; his body is shown lying in a field afterwards when his brothers discover him.

Bang the Drum Slowly (1973) [Bruce Pearson]: Dies (off-screen) of Hodgkin's lymphoma; we only see a scene of Michael Moriarty walking out of the cemetery after Robert's funeral.

Mean Streets (1973) [John 'Johnny Boy' Civello]: Shot in the neck by loansharks as they drive past the car in which Robert is riding with Harvey Keitel and Amy Robinson; we last see him staggering out and clutching his neck. (Although the movie itself is ambiguous as to whether he survives, I've read that Martin Scorsese has stated that he survived; I'm mentioning it because I figured I'd receive suggestions about it if I left it out.)

Brazil (1985) [Archibald 'Harry' Tuttle]: Crushed to death and/or devoured by scraps of newspaper that completely envelop him in the street. (This portion of the movie is happening only in Jonathan Pryce's mind as he's being tortured by Michael Palin.)

The Mission (1986) [Rodrigo Mendoza]: Killed, along with Jeremy Irons, in a battle against British soldiers.

Cape Fear (1991) [Max Cady]: Drowned after a fight with Nick Nolte on Nick's housebout during a thunderstorm.

This Boy's Life (1993) [Dwight Hansen]: Dies (off-screen) of a terminal illness; his death is mentioned in the narration at the end of the movie.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) [The Creature/Sharp-Featured Man]: Playing a dual role, he has two deaths: "The Sharp-Featured Man" is executed by hanging; Kenneth Branagh later retrieves his body and uses some of its parts to create "The Creature." "The Creature" commits suicide by setting itself on fire along with Kenneth's funeral pyre, on top of an ice floe in the Arctic circle.

Heat (1995) [Neil McCauley]: Shot in the chest by Al Pacino in a shoot-out by an airfield.

The Fan (1996) [Gil Renard]: Shot to death by police after Robert attempts to kill Wesley Snipes.

Jackie Brown (1997) [Louis Gara]: Shot in the stomach and chest by Samuel L. Jackson.

Great Expectations (1998) [Arthur Lustig]: Stabbed to death by loansharks on a train.

15 Minutes (2001) [Detective Eddie Fleming]: Stabbed to death by Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov after he attacks them despite being tied to a chair.

Hide and Seek (2005) [David Callaway]: Shot in the chest by Famke Janssen in a sewer, while he's stalking his daughter (Dakota Fanning).

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причем читается исключительно на английском. на русском языке перечисление способов смерти выглядеть будет совсем иначе.

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большой шрифт малый шрифт надстрочный подстрочный заголовок большой заголовок видео с youtube.com картинка из интернета картинка с компьютера ссылка файл с компьютера русская клавиатура транслитератор  цитата  кавычки моноширинный шрифт моноширинный шрифт горизонтальная линия отступ точка LI бегущая строка оффтопик свернутый текст

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